New Generation Display Mini PLC with 100% Design and Production Technology

GMT Industrial, design and production It offers the Operator Panel, Speed ​​Controller, Servo Systems, Stepper Motors and power supplies to the market with GMTCNT, a registered Turkish brand, in order to provide a total solution with PLC, screened mini PLC and industrial communication products, which has XNUMX percent of the technology, filling the gap of the domestic manufacturer in the sector. contributes to the productive power of our country.

Developing fast solutions to the needs of the industrial automation market, GMT stands out with its compact structure. Mini PLC with Display Series GSR-2118Rput it into the service of the market.


A new domestically produced product that GMT has 100% production and design technology for, GMT from distribution channels can be provided.

It differs from standard smart relays with its integrated 1.8” 128 x 160 (RGB) TFT LCD display with graphic support. Having 11 inputs and 8 relay outputs, the inputs of the GSR-2118R can be selected as digital inputs (PNP) or as analog inputs (0-10 VDC). Thanks to its real-time clock (RTC - Real Time Clock) feature, it also offers solutions for real-time applications.

Mini PLC with display; It can be easily used in many applications that require limited input and output such as compressor systems, pump systems, conveyor systems, press machines, irrigation systems, air conditioning systems, elevators and greenhouse applications.

It can be mounted on rail as well as having the possibility of panel mounting. GSR-2118R It has the following main features:

• 24 VDC Supply
• 11 Channel Digital (PNP) /Analog Input (0-10V) (12 bit resolution)
• 8 x Relay Outputs (5A @ 220 VAC)
• Decimal operation support
• 48 kB program memory space
• Maximum program loop rate of 20 kHz
• Fast pulse reading up to 2 kHz for each input
• RTC (Real Time Clock) real time clock
• Built-in LCD screen 1.8 inch, 128 (RGB) x 160 TFT LCD
• A total of 6 keypads, 12 of which are for programming
• DIN Rail / Panel mounting
• Turkish / English language option

GMT continues on its way with the support of the Turkish industry, and carries its years of experience and experience forward every day, “Getting a world brand out of this geography” continues his claim with determination.


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