Environmental policy

GMT Industrial; The company gives priority to the minimum impact on the environment and keeping the pollution at a minimum in the production, sales and marketing activities of PLC, Mini PLC with Screen, Operator Panels, AC Motor Drivers, Servo Motors and Drivers, Stepper Motors and Drivers, Industrial Communication and Accessories. adopted as a principle. Within the framework of the possibilities provided by the manufacturing and R&D budgets, it is an important part of our company quality policies to use the most environmentally friendly materials and technology and to leave an environment that will provide a better quality of life for future generations by ensuring continuous improvement in protecting the environment and preventing pollution in each new project. Within the framework of this policy, GMT Industrial has determined the general company objectives in the field of environment;

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

 GMT Industrial; In the projects it undertakes, it examines the environmental legislation of legal and other conditions and fully fulfills all these sanctions.

2. Protecting natural resources

GMT Industrial; ensures the optimum use and protection of natural and other resources in its methods and activities applied in all contracting works.

3. Keeping waste and emissions under control

GMT Industrial; It keeps its effects on the environment at a minimum by keeping the solid and hazardous wastes and emissions that may occur in the projects it carries out and in the settlements under its responsibility.

4. Awareness and participation

GMT Industrial; In addition to raising awareness of its own employees and subcontractors about the environment, it improves the protection of the environment and its contributions to the environment in cooperation with employers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

5. Preventing environmental pollution

GMT Industrial; With the systems and methods it will apply, it reduces the risks of pollution that may adversely affect the environment and prevents the spread of possible pollution. Our company's participation in the full and complete fulfillment of our environmental policies requires not only its employees but also all suppliers and collaborators. Based on these principles; GMT Industrial is obliged to ensure total and systematic compliance with environmental legislation in all its projects and activities and to take the necessary measures for this.


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