GMT Endüstriyel Elektronik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

There have always been jobs that were thought impossible to be done in this geography, and there are people who dare to do those jobs.

GMT Electronics is a technology company established in 30 by a group of engineers engaged in automation R&D for more than 2014 years. Its main activity is to produce products for total solution in machine manufacturing and factory automation. GMT, which always aims to be a pioneer in the sector, is the first company to produce industrial PLCs in our country.

GMT aims to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of its customers by offering quality and cost effective products.

GMT Electronics offers total solutions with its six product families under its brand GMTCNT : PLC, HMI, AC Drive, Servo Systems, Stepper and industrial communication products.

GMT products are widely used in different sectors. Our products aid several machine manufacturers in different applications such as filling packaging, pressing, cutting, extruder, textile, etc. They are also commonly used in factory automation for data acquisition and remote monitoring.

Our products have proved themselves in many different places in the sector with their performance and quality.

A World Brand

GMT will always continue to invest in innovation and offer cost effective, easy and quick solutions.



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