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GMTCNT PLCs Make a Difference in Data Collection

PLCs introduced by GMT to the market offer solutions especially in data collection within the scope of factory automation and Industry 4.0, especially in the machinery manufacturing sector. GMT, which sheds light on the sector with the data collection feature it provides within the scope of Industry 4.0, has become one of the first preferred brands in this field with its products.

GMT's domestic production, GLC-396 and GLC-496 GMTCNT anywhere in the world over the internet with the feature called WMI (Web Machine Interface) in the series CPUs. PLCIt can be accessed remotely without port forwarding.

GLC-396 and GLC-496 series CPUs provide solutions especially for data collection thanks to MODBUS TCP Master / Slave feature.GMTScada ve GMTPort features put the GMT one step ahead of its competitors in its class.

Packaging machines, packaging machines, filling machines, carpet washing machines, yarn transfer machines, steam generators, milling machines, oven machines, meat processing machines, nuts machines, used in sectors such as textile, food, metal processing, plastic, chemistry, agriculture and livestock, dough processing machines, milk machines, pipe bending machines, machine tools, extruder machines, PVC processing machines, CNC machines, injection machines, printing machines, cardboard form machines, press machines, paint machines, marble machines, woodworking machines, vacuum machines, GMTCNT PLCs, which are used in many sectors such as purification systems and data collection, are preferred in the production of many machines.

With the WMI (Web Machine Interface) feature of the GLC-396 and GLC-496 series CPUs, you can remotely access the GMTCNT PLC anywhere in the world over the internet without the need for port forwarding. Thanks to this feature, machine manufacturers using the GLC-396 and GLC-496 series can easily access the machines they sell to their customers within the scope of after-sales service, without paying any additional fee, if needed. They can shoot and upload programs remotely, without being near the machine.


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