It is a 16,77M color TFT touch caseless operator panel developed for use in industrial applications. This product has a real time clock (RTC) as standard. Its user-friendly software has a large library and supports all known PLCs.

Compatible with HP LaserJet P1100 series printers.

PDF files can be viewed with the PDF Viewer function.

With the USB Host feature, data can be recorded, program can be loaded, keyboard / mouse / web camera can be connected.

With this model, which has an ethernet port that supports MODBUS TCP communication, you can provide fast and secure communication with GLC39X and GLC49X series CPUs, and you can easily integrate in SCADA applications.

With the VNC software, you can access these models with ethernet ports via the local network or the internet on Windows, IOS and Android platforms and provide observation and control.

With VNC Client, monitoring and control feature is available between devices via Ethernet port.

7″ TFT (16:9W) Screen Size, 800 x 480 Resolution, ARM RISC 32bit 800MHz CPU, Ethernet port.

Display Type : 7 ″ TFT

Resolution : 800 × 480

Colour : 16,77M

Backlight : LED

Brightness : 250cd / m²

Backlight Life : >30.000 hours

Touch screen : 4-wire precision resistor circuit

Processor ​​ : ARM RISC 32bit 800MHz

Memory : 128MB NAND Flash, 128MB DDR3

RTC : Yes

Expansion Memory : 1 USB Hosts

Printer port : USB Slave (Pictbridge) / USB Host

Ethernet                                : Yes

Program Installation : micro USB / RS-232 / Ethernet

COM Port: COM0: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422
                                                  COM2: RS-232

Power consumption : 3.6W

Operating voltage : 24VDC

Input Range : 10VDC – 28VDC

Momentary Power Outage : <3ms

Insulation Resistance : >50MΩ (500VDC)

Dielectric Strength Test: 500VAC 1 minute

Case Material : Metal

Dimensions (mm): 191 x 110 x 30

Panel Slot Dimension (mm): 166  x 101

Weight (kg): 0.3

Operating temperature : 0 to 50°C

Working Environment Humidity: 10%rH to 90%rH, without condensation

Storage Temperature : -20 to 60°C

Storage Humidity: 10%rH to 90%rH, without condensation

Impact Endurance Test: 10Hz to 500Hz (X,Y,Z direction, 30m/s2)

Cooling Method: air cooling

Standards : CE marked


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