Servo systems consist based on natural magnet, high microprocessor with semiconductor technologies. These systems became economical to use in applications such as automation precision measurement, high and stable speed control, torque control, sudden accelerate/stop and etc.

As GMT Industrial Electronics, our servo systems that we offer to the machinery manufacturing industry include Test equipment, Press, Cutting, Filling, Packaging, Plastic, Food, etc. widely used in machines.


  • 2000
  • 130mm Flange connection
  • 22mm shaft diameter
  • 2000 rpm
  • 20Bit Nikon brand encoder
  • 9.6Nm

Suitable Driver : GSS3-3RS / GSS3-3EC

Rated Power : 2000

Rated Torque : 9.6 Nm

Rated Speed ​​: 2000 rpm

Rated Current : A 8.8

Maximum Torque : 24 Nm

Maximum Current : A 26.4

Stall Torque : 10.56 Nm

Pause Current : A 9.68

Rotor Moment Inertia : 17.7 kg.cm²

Position Feedback : 20 Bit Nikon Encoder

Weight (kg): 9.1

Cooling Class : Fully enclosed, non-ventilated

Protection Class: IP65 on body, IP54 on shaft seal

Operating temperature : -20°C to 40°C

Humidity: 90% rH (No condensation)

Environment : Away from active gas, combustible gas, oil and dust

Height : Rated power of 1000 mt and below (max 4000 mt)


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