Servo systems consist based on natural magnet, high microprocessor with semiconductor technologies. These systems became economical to use in applications such as automation precision measurement, high and stable speed control, torque control, sudden accelerate/stop and etc.

As we GMTCNT support and develope Servo systems, that are use frequently in applications where the industry produce Testing devices, Pressure machine, Cutting machine, Filling machine, Packing machine, Plastic machine, Nutrient machine and etc.

  • Suitable for 200W, 400W and 750W motors
  • 20 Bit Nikon Brand encoder feedback
  • Monophase 200VAC +%240 / -%10, 50~60Hz power supply
  • Position / Speed/ Torque Control modes
  • 32 Steps internal position table
  • Pulse+Direction, CCW+CW, FazA+FazB (500-4V) pulse type
  • Open-collector 5 kHz, Differantional Mode 24MHz pulse input
  • Able to set Torque - Speed value using with built-in parametres and analog inputs
  • Easy to activate system using by PC Software and Built-in keypad
  • Additional RS-5 port for PC Software
  • Maximum XNUMXMHz Encoder output signal
  • Position, Speed, Torque, Master - Slave modes available and able to change the mode among them
  • Electronic adjustable Gearbox
  • Acquisition setting parametres
  • Torque Speed Limits
  • Built-in position and Homing function
  • Modbus RTU Communication (GSSXNUMX-XNUMXRS)
  • EtherCat Communication (GSS3-2EC)
  • 3 pcs PNP/NPN Selectable digital input
  • 7 pcs digital outputs
  • 5 pcs -XNUMXV...+XNUMXV analog inputs
  • Protection is available for common issues that are Over voltage, Low voltage, Short circuit, Overheating motor, Overheating servo driver
  • .

Supply voltage : 1×200-240 VAC (Monophase)

Feeding Frequency : 50 Hz to 60 Hz ±3%

Control Circuit Voltage : 200-240 VAC (Monophase)

Nrated Current : 4A

Peak Current : 15A

Feedback Signal : 20 Bit Communication Encoder

Brake Chopper : External brake available depending on application

Brake Chopper Threshold Voltage    : 380 VDC (+/- 5 V)

Overvoltage Alarm Threshold    : 400 VDC (+/- 5 V)

Low Voltage Alarm Threshold : 200 VDC (+/- 5 V)

Cooling Method               : natural air cooling

Weight (kg)                           : 0.8

RS-232 Port : PC serial-Servo Driver communication port up to 115200 bps

RS-485 Port : ModBUS RTU communication port (GSS115200-3RS) up to 2 bps

EtherCAT Port : High speed EtherCAT Slave communication port (GSS3-2EC)

Digital Input : 7 PNP or NPN selectable digital inputs

Digital Output : 5 pcs -XNUMXV...+XNUMXV analog inputs

Analog Input : 2 x -10V…+10V analog inputs (Can be used for speed and torque control.)

Encoder Signal Output : Optional (max. 10 MHz)

Operating temperature : Between 0°C and 40°C

Storage Temperature : Between -10°C and 70°C

Humidity: Below 90% Rh (No Condensation)

Protection Class: IP20

Assembly Conditions: Dust-free, dry and indoor environment

Mounting Type : vertical mounting

Height : Up to 1000 meters

Atmospheric Pressure : Between 86 kPa and 106 kPa

Vibration : 5.9 m/s² (0.6 G), 10 Hz to 55 Hz


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