• PLC is expansion module 
  • It is used to increase the input / output capacity in the systems used.
  • Works with the CPU, not alone 
  • It has 8 channels 24VDC digital input 
  • Inputs are isolated and can be used as PNP and NPN
  • It has 8 channel short-circuit protected transistor outputs. 

Supply : Internal supply

Power consumption : Max. 1W

Mounting Type : DIN Rail

  • Digital Inputs : 8 Channel
  • Input Type : 16.5… 26VDC pnp or npn input
  • Frequency : Max. 500Hz
  • Digital Outputs : 8 Channel
  • Output Type :Transistor 300mA@24VDC
  • Frequency : Max. 1kHz

Heat : 0°C to +60°C (without icing)

Humidity: 5%rH to 95%rH (without condensation)

Environment : It should be used in environments that do not contain flammable and corrosive gases.


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