Stepper Motors and Drivers lead the increase in both equipment and manufacturing quality in the manufacturing sector.

It provides solutions to Printers, CNC machines, 3D printers & prototyping machines, laser cutters, linear actuators, holding and placing machine manufacturers with Stepper Motors and Drivers widely used in the industrial automation market.


  • Nema23
  • 2.0Nm
  • 57mm Flange
  • 4.0A
  • Space-saving step-motor with built-in driver
  • Closed loop, high position accuracy
  • User-defined pulse/tour
  • Low vibration, smooth operation
  • Over current, over voltage protection
  • Position tracking

Operating temperature : 70 °C Max

Protection Class: IP20 on body, IP50 on shaft seal

Length : 165 mm

Weight : 9.5kg

Cooling Class : Fully enclosed, non-ventilated

Protection Class: IP50 on body, IP50 on shaft seal



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