It is a 16,77M color TFT touch caseless operator panel developed for use in industrial applications. This product has a real time clock (RTC) as standard. Its user-friendly software has a large library and supports all known PLCs.

Compatible with HP LaserJet P1100 series printers.

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4.3” TFT (16:9W)Screen Size, 480 x 272 Resolution, ARM RISC 32bit 800MHz CPU.

Display Type : 4.3 ″ TFT

Resolution : 480 x 272

Colour : 16,77M

Backlight : LED

Brightness : 450cd / m²

Backlight Life : >30.000 hours

Touch screen : 4-wire precision resistor circuit

Processor ​​ : ARM RISC 32bit 800MHz

Memory : 128MB NAND Flash, 128MB DDR3

RTC : Yes

Expansion Memory : 1 USB Hosts 

Printer port : USB Host

Ethernet                                : -

Program Installation : micro USB / RS-232

COM Port: COM0: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422
                                                  COM2: RS-232

Power consumption : 2W

Operating voltage : 24VDC

Input Range : 10VDC – 28VDC

Momentary Power Outage : <3ms

Insulation Resistance : >50MΩ (500VDC)

Dielectric Strength Test: 500VAC 1 minute

Case Material : Metal case

Dimensions (mm): X X 128 75 27

Panel Slot Dimension (mm): X 107,2 68,9

Weight (kg): 0.2

Operating temperature : 0 to 50°C

Working Environment Humidity: 10%rH to 90%rH, without condensation

Storage Temperature : -20 to 60°C

Storage Humidity: 10%rH to 90%rH, without condensation

Impact Endurance Test: 10Hz to 500Hz (30m/s2)

Cooling Method: air cooling

Standards : CE marked


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